What is Gilding?


To take something already beautiful and adorn it with Gold Leaf.


How did Gilding Lilies birth into a Company?


Two Woman, both Hair and Makeup Artists, who had worked together side by side for years.  They shared something in common, an absolute Love for bringing Happiness through the creative medium of hair and makeup artistry.  They both saw a bigger picture. This craft allowed them to spend time with women of all ages to create a look so that they may see their inner beauty shine and flourish on the outside.  Princesses and Queens brought to life, their hair becoming a Golden Crown. Smiles, hugs, tears, and confidence were the end result. This went from being a “Job” to being a “Gift”.

They have both worked for several wonderful Salons, their passion fueling someone else’s dream.  They decided it was time to give life to their own dream. Offering onsite Personal Hair and Makeup services for any and all Events or Projects!


These two artists are Ang and Elizabeth!!


We are the Gilding Lilies.  Hair and Makeup artists enhancing your already existing beauty to match your inner Goddess.